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Nashville area, Looking for band looking for a harsh (or clean) Vocalist. Metalcore, Deathcore, Djent preferred. Get a hold of me and lets talk.
I want to find a band looking for a vocalist. I can do clean and harsh. Let me know if anyone has any leads in the Nashville area. Can also relocate for the right project, can do online projects as well.
Name is Zac Miller. You can find me on IG, SC, and FB
IG: x3Z3K1AL.87x (same with SC)
Looking for a carbon fiber/phenolic fretboard guitar... Any recommendations? Love the wb renegades... just want something a little nicer
Hello Sir. You showed how fix neckdive with the Viper guitar one. But now it seems not to possible to check that evidence again.
I suffer neckdive too. Could you link those photos again pls.
Thank you.
That would be amazing if you find them, anyways :)
The idea is not to spoil anchor in the neck. So the queston is how deep the strap screw should go deep. :)
I just went as deep as the screw. Tbh, I didn't even consider that it was possible to mess anything up, because a viper is almost an SG, and all SGs have the strap button there. Here are the pictures, but I'm not sure they'll be much help... Good luck!