Your name doesn't mean shit anymore

Discussion in 'Movies, Books, TV & Media' started by mmr007, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I'm pretty much over 95% of the Zombie stuff that's out there, as 90% of it is horrible (either on premise, or just stale). The other 5% is in the "so bad it's good category". Everything is just so stale. The premises of these movies are about as fresh as the zombies themselves.

    The most compelling "Zombie" movies have been those in two in the "28" franchise. Though, some would argue they don't really count as "Zombies" in the traditional sense. It's a different take, that happens to be very realistic in both story and filming, yet it's still brutal. The utter lack of true happy endings is also grand.

    I hear 28 Months Later is in the works. If they stick to the type of writing in the previous two films, it'll be phenomenal.
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    George Lucas hasn't put anything good out since the eighties and his name still means shit.....both figuratively and literally.

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