Wiring and shielding questions

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by Mvotre, Jun 24, 2013.

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    hi there,

    been messing with my Ibanez 7321 at the moment. Got the wiring working, with a volume, 3 way switch and another switch (the small ones, two positions).

    The pot is a push-pull one, so i got normal 3 switch configuration, but with the push pull and small switch i change the pickups wiring to out of phase. The perfect setup for me would be 2 small switches and a normal volume pot, but I was lazy to make a hole in the guitar body...

    Everything works as intended, but I got some DAMN loud hum from the guitar. Since it´s on all pickup configurations, I believe that I got some bad solder on some lead wire, AFTER the pickups wiring. Is that correct, or even a bad solder in one pickup can mess with the rest? Should I just try to resolder those wires, or a total rewiring might be needed?

    And my other question: that's a lot of tiny wires for that setup, and I just used some shitty regular cable on everything (unshielded). I play in front of my computer, and even with a flawless wiring, I got some small noise. If i bought some grounded wire, and wire everything with it, should it make for a quieter beast, or it's just a snake oil thing?

    thansk in advance.
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    Sounds like there's a grounding issue somewhere in the guitar. Shielded wire could also help with background noise etc.
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    Might be something in your home electrisity network that adds noise, and your guitar is picking it up. Powerful electronics such as hologen lamps, electrical furnace, monitors and even your computer can add hum that your guitar amp pick up. Electrical heated floords are bad too.

    Does touching your bridge with your fingers affect the noise? If yes, you might have forgotten to ground your bridge. Remember to ground all pots, jacks and switches.

    You dont need to shield all wires. Shielding the cavity for electronics might reduse your noise.

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