Which DAW can import ALL setting from different midi files during the same project?

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Larcher, Apr 11, 2015.

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    The title sucks, I know

    I'm sure we've all run into this problem when recording an album or an EP, where you import your first midi file into the project (for the sake of the example, the tempo will be set to 150 and all 4/4 bars in this first midi file.)

    Once you're done importing the first midi file out of 3, 5 or even 10, you move onto the second midi file to import to the project. Now this is where my issue takes place.

    (For the sake of this example the second midi file will be 120 tempo with bars that are 7/8.)

    When importing the second midi file, which is set in 7/8, it will NOT import the bars from the file. It will just import the notes written into said midi file, but play them at 150 bpm with 4/4 bars.

    Because of this I need to go in the tempo map, change it to 120, and then set the bars to 7/8. Which for just one midi file is not bad of course.. but when you have multiple bar changes, tempo changes in almost all of the songs it's infuriating.

    I use cubase 5, and I even spoke with steinberg's customer support over the phone, the told me there is no way to import all the bar and tempo settings from a midi file unless it is from scratch.

    I want to know if there is such a DAW that can do this
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    I did this with Cubase 8 literally this morning. Just dragged the midi file into the arranger window at the bar I wanted the changes to occur.

    You might have to have a tempo, signature, and midi track already in the session, but this is definitely working in C8 and I don't remember having issues as far back as 6.5.

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