What School To Transfer To? (Music Career/Life Advice Thread yay!!!)

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    Hey all. So I've been going to Georgia State in Atlanta, GA for the past 2 years. I've lived in Atlanta for 19/20 of the years of my life. I want to transfer out of state. My dad's willing to fork up the out of state tuition, so long as it's the best decision for me and my goals, which read as such:

    1) Get Business Management Degree. That way if the whole being a rockstar thing doesn't work out I'll be able to eat.
    2) Have a lucrative music career after graduation. Note: I don't know if you figured it out by Waylon Jennings as my Avatar, but I'm a country/rock/blues guy. Not metal at all, but I still rock the 7 for those country baritone licks :hbang:
    3) :sharpie:

    I've narrowed it down to 3 places that seem like a good move. In no particular order:

    1) Nashville, TN (Well, more like Murfreesboro, whatever.), Middle Tennessee State.

    This was the first place I wanted to go to when I started this idea. One of my best friends lives there, who is a musician and making a SHIT TON of connections up there, and I even have made a few myself from just visiting. I play country, move to Nashville. That's the way right? Well, apparently so because EVERYBODY IN NASHVILLE ....ING PLAYS GUITAR.

    See, my friend is a bass player, so he has a distinct advantage over me there, because there's less of them. Not even mentioning his full-ride to Belmont, his Emmy....... And he's blind. I'm not an overachieving blind guy, I'm a middle class kid from the suburbs of Atlanta with a 7-string.

    So, it's an overflooded market. Everybody is a guitarist and quite frankly they're all pretty good. I could keep up, but "keeping up" in Nashville means playing for tips at 2pm in a dive on Broadway for the bartender and 2 kids who strolled in and wanted to hear Johnny Cash.
    2) Boone, NC (Appalachian State)

    I've never been to Boone. But, my dad has and he seems to think I'd like it there. It has a great college radio program, so for my music that could be beneficial. But, other than that it's simply a beautiful mountain town and I'd like to go to school in a beautiful mountain town.

    I know nobody in Boone. Well, a guy I was in a band with 5 years ago goes there but I haven't spoken to him in ages.

    ASU also has the cheapest out-of state tuition of the 3 schools I'm mentioning. Also it's the biggest party school on the list :cool:
    3) Austin, TX (University of Texas)

    Luke, the Nashville overachieving blind guy I mentioned, thinks Austin is a good fit for me. Again, I know nobody there. I know a couple people who know a couple in Austin but nothing like Nashville. Probably even less than Boone. But Austin is essentially Nashville but with less corporate bullshit apparently. Again, never been, but I've been told by people who live in Nashville I'd be better off there. Also, UT is supposed to be one of the best values of any university in the country. There's something to be said for the return in investment on that, despite it being more than any on this list. And it has more live venues than anywhere, so again a good fit?

    Part of me wants to go to App State and just worry about moving to a music town after graduation. Another part of me wants to go to Nashville and attempt to be a very small fish in a very big pond of country guitar pickers. Another part of me says ".... it go to Texas!" and try to make it in Austin.

    Or should I say ".... IT ALL" and stay at Georgia State and be miserable until I graduate? :lol:

    Any input appreciated fellas :yesway:

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