What is your favorite pedal for each type of pedal?

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  1. MTGeezy

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    Sep 4, 2017
    Im starting to get into pedals more and decided to buy a pedal board. I don’t have much of an opinion on stuff yet as I only own a tu-3, ns-2, and a tubscreamer. But I want to start buying more and more pedals to try out/find which ones I like best. I figured the best way to get a start on that would be find out what everyone else on the forum loves to use! I’m sure I missed some certain types of pedals so feel free to add them.

    Here’s a template you can use, feel free to write a little about the pedal too on why you like it so much.

    Type of Music
    Distortion: NA
    Overdrive: NA
    Tuner: NA
    Noise Gate: NA
    Compressor: NA
    EQ: NA
    Flanger: NA
    Delay: NA
    Reverb: NA
    Fuzz: NA
    Wah: NA
    Phaser: NA
    Volume: NA
    Looper: NA
    Tremolo: NA
    Chorus: NA
    Expression: NA
    Multi-fx: NA
    Misc: NA
  2. TheWarAgainstTime

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Austin, TX
    -Bedroom/casual player
    -mostly modern heavy playing, but I love me some spacey ambient stuff too. Bands like Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Periphery, Explosions in the Sky, Andy Othling, etc.

    -distortion: Boss HM-2. I really just use amp distortion and boost with overdrives, so it's the only actual distortion pedal I use. Tons of nasty chainsaw fun though!

    -overdrive: Maxon OD-808, otherwise known as Ol' Reliable. Had the same one since high school. I own and have owned a LOT of different overdrives for different purposes, but I always find myself comparing them to the 808 as a baseline. This pedal can do no wrong.

    -tuner: TC Electronic Polytune 3. I have two of these; one for my main rig and another on my ambient board. The accuracy is second to none, and the selectable buffer has been a life saver for me running long runs of cable.

    -noise reduction: ISP Decimator II. I have two of these in my main rig in different spots and they always deliver. I've owned 1st gen Decimators, an MXR Smart Gate, Boss NS-2, and a DBX 266xl, and none of them compare. The DBX was closest/next best, though.

    -compressor: Walrus Audio Deep Six. I keep this one on my ambient board since it's the best I've heard for cleans while remaining as transparent as I want. I also really like the Xotic SP, which I have in the main rig because of its size.

    -EQ: Nothing wrong with a Boss GE-7, though I don't really use EQ very much. The bass version may actually have better frequencies for guitar/midrange, but I haven't tried one.

    -flanger: no opinion; it's not an effect I ever use. Gonna say the MXR EVH one just because of the Unchained setting :D

    -delay: Strymon Timeline. Nothing better on the market as far as I'm concerned, and I've had several mainstays like the Boss DD-20, MXR Carbon Copy, TC G Major, and even my Axe FX II.

    -reverb: Strymon Big Sky. Anyone who tells you another reverb is better is only doing so to sell you that reverb so they can purchase a Big Sky.

    -fuzz: I fucking hate fuzz, so no opinion.

    -wah: again, not something I really ever use, but I did enjoy my old Morely Tremonti power wah for a bit. The onboard boost and switchless operation were great, and the sweep was pretty wide.

    -phaser: MXR EVH Phase 90. Not sure why other companies even bother making phaser pedals when this one exists :shrug:

    -volume: never owned one, but have been mostly curious about the Dunlop mini one.

    -looper: I had a Boss RC20XL years ago that was fun, but I'd probably go with a TC Ditto X2 now for the sake of simplicity.

    -chorus: the shallow detune setting on my Whammy DT. I don't really like chorus, but subtle detune can be nice for lush cleans.

    -expression: again, never owned one, but the mini Dunlop pedal has an expression output, so...

    -multi fx: Axe FX II :D

    -misc: EHX Micro POG. I have a T1M modded one with two rows of settings I can switch between. It's a fun pedal to throw on top of a lead line or clean swells and is a lot less glitchy than other octave pedals or multi fx units, including the Fractal.
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  3. MTGeezy

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    Sep 4, 2017
    I can’t wait to get an hm-2!

    Also too bad that strymon is so expensive.
  4. HeHasTheJazzHands

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Overall types of metal/rock
    Distortion: ISP Theta Pre
    Overdrive: MXR Badass OD
    Tuner: Turbo Tuner ST300
    Noise Gate: ISP Decimator
    Compressor: NA
    EQ: Dano F&C
    Flanger: MXR M117R
    Delay: Boss DD7 and TC Flashback
    Reverb: TC HoF (Mini)
    Fuzz: NA
    Wah: Dunlop Rack Wah
    Phaser: MXR Phase 95
    Volume: NA
    Looper: NA
    Tremolo: Unsure
    Chorus: MXR Analog Chorus
    Expression: NA
    Multi-fx: NA
    Misc: Digitech Whammy 5
  5. Alex79

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    Mar 26, 2015
    Southern Germany
    Overdrive: the trex Michael angelo batio overdrive is a hidden gem. Very low noise, great tone and character.
    Compressor: the EBS multicomp on tube mode does wonders to downtuned guitars on clean settings.
    Again, really hidden gem.
    Overdrive / distortion: Visual sound jekyll and Hyde. the original one is magic and one of the best tubescreamer clones as well.
    EQ: if you're looking for a musical rather than a surgical EQ pedal, check out EQD tone job. Also very low noise floor.
    Reverb: I love the EQD analogue Ghost Echo. There's just some natural sound to it that digital pedals don't have.
  6. bhakan

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    Apr 24, 2011
    I love ranting about pedals so I'm into this idea :lol:.

    I play in a couple bands, but just as a hobby

    Play stuff ranging from like math rock/indie to sludgey metallic hardcore

    Distortion: Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest Overdrive. It says overdrive but I feel like that's a misnomer. It can go from sharp, aggressive tones to super fat sludgy tones.
    Overdrive: Bogner Wessex. Super smooth without cutting lows or highs like a lot of other overdrives.
    Tuner: Anything that works
    Noise Gate: Don't use one. When I'm playing heavy stuff I either play with as little gain as possible and hit hard, or if I'm actually using a lot of gain (ie: HM2) I want the feedback in there.
    Compressor: Just got an SP compressor that's great, but I haven't used many others to compare to.
    EQ: Mesa 5 band
    Flanger: Don't use a lot of flange but the Bitquest flanger is really challenging that opinion for me.
    Delay: Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude. I used one in the studio last month and it was wonderful. I haven't been using a lot of delay recently but I really wanna pick one up.
    Reverb: Caroline Meteore. Probably my favorite pedal. I definitely overuse it because I just love how it sounds.
    Fuzz: DAM Meathead (Clone). I built myself this a while back and it just keeps coming out on top of other fuzzes. Really thick and fat but still somewhat clear and not too scooped.
    Wah: NA
    Phaser: NA
    Volume: NA
    Looper: NA
    Tremolo: NA
    Chorus: Loved my Sea Machine but stopped using it enough to justify keeping it. The Julia looks really cool but I still just don't need a lot of modulation.
    Expression: NA
    Multi-fx: Bitquest. It's the multieffect for individual pedal users. covers all those weird, out there sounds you might not want an individual pedal for, but that you might wanna use here and there.
    Misc: NA
  7. mongey

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    Jun 25, 2012
    the gong - Australia
    I'll play

    I'll just stick to pedals I own or have owned

    Band but casual at the moment
    I try to play everything
    Distortion: Friedman BEOD - own a dual recto so this is my non recto flavor distortion in a box - still own
    Overdrive: OD808 - simple and great .like it as an actual overdrive too. not just a boost .still own
    Tuner: Turbo tuner- the best .still own
    Noise Gate: ISP decimator .does its job well .still own
    Compressor: Empress- great comp . sold it in a big clean out and regret it
    EQ: empress parametric. love this thing . still own
    Flanger: have only owned 2. Ibanez FL9 .it was cool but hardly used it so sold it
    Delay: I have to pick 2. strymon timeline and chase bliss tonal recall . love both
    Reverb: neunamber seraphim . still own .does the shimmer hting and also does a good simple sounding reverb in wet mode
    Fuzz: zvex fuzz factory . crazy but fun. still own .first boutique pedal I ever bought .
    Wah: crybaby I guees. still own . never use
    Phaser: NA
    Volume: NA
    Looper: NA
    Tremolo: empress . nice sounding trem with tap tempo . still own . should use more
    Chorus: boss CE2 . nice chorus ended up selling for 4 times what I got it for. no regrets
    Multi-fx: NA
    Misc: don't use allot of chorus/phaser /flanger but have an empress nebulus that covers which does a decent job of covering all 3
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  8. BurningRome

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    Dec 29, 2015
    My list is short. I really tried to build around a looper and span from there out. I didn't watn to many effects, just needed a great looper & delay, I added my reverb pedal late, it's not core for the sound of songs but it huge live for transitions. My list is below. I try to keep it simple. I spent tons of time buying and selling on the used market and tried all the cool great things out there and realized what I have below is all I need.

    Personal advice, don't over invest in tuners, get a good reputable tuner but no need to spend $100, put that towards other guitar stuff.

    Band/Casual: Band
    Type of Music: Post-Metal / Shoe Gaze
    Tuner: Boss TU2 - Totally sufficient pedal for cheap & Japanese quality.
    Delay: Digitech Jamman Stereo Delay Looper - Has 3 delay presets & looper
    Reverb: Red Panda Context - Best pedal I can find for what I do & has built in delay.
    Looper: Jamman Stereo Delay looper - Has delay
  9. LiveOVErdrive

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Minneapolis, MN
    Very casual.

    Overdrive: Boss SD1 is pretty okay.
    Chorus: I have tried several and have yet to find one that doesn't kill all the highs in my signal when engaged. How hard is it to make a "mix/level/blend" knob that actually just blends the wet with the dry?

    *disclaimer: I've never spent more than $50 on a pedal.
  10. KnightBrolaire

    KnightBrolaire only the dead have seen the end of GAS

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    Mar 19, 2015
    Type of Music: a little bit of everything
    Distortion: Modded Boss MT2 metalzone (has a surprising amount of range if you mod it) or MXR Super Badass Distortion (also super versatile distortion though not as good for higher gain tones imo)
    Overdrive: Maxon OD808x for boosting/metal tones (very aggressive sounding) and demon ts8/ts9 for actual OD use (quite versatile and cheap OD)
    Fuzz: DOD Boneshaker- super versatile fuzz/distortion that works for slight od sounds all the way to serious fuzzy sludgy vibes
    I don't really like using a lot of pedals on my rig so I try to find as versatile of pedals as possible.
  11. USMarine75

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    Feb 24, 2010

    Can I just list 61 OD and dirt pedals... plus a couple reverb and delay pedals, an H9, a Kemper, and a Boss ES8? :lol:
  12. Bloody_Inferno

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    Jan 14, 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
    Ok, I'll bite. :lol:

    Session Musician/member of various bands.

    Type of Music:
    Varies with each band, own music also varies (refer to sig).

    Preferably amp distortion, but I have a few that I like to bring along if I'm in a pinch. Namely the Free The Tone Quad Arrow or Heat Blaster, or Friedman BE OD. I also have a Fulltone Secret Freq that I carry for lesser extreme moments than the former I mentioned, but for real extreme sounds, whatever my friend at Unkown Pedal Australia gives me does the job well. For Bass I use a Darkglass BK7 Ultra.

    For low Klon ODs, I bring my Free The Tone Red Jasper everywhere, with a J Rockett Archer Ikon coming a close second. Though the J Rockett Lenny is climbing up the list of favorites.
    For most other occasions I've gone through too many (TS9, SD2, Vox Ice 9), my current favorite is the Free The Tone Gigs Boson. I bring this everywhere.

    While I'm mainly using TC Polytunes at the moment, I still like the Boss TUs namely due to the buffer. I'm planning to try out the Sonic Research Turbos soon.

    Noise Gate:
    Either ISP Decimator or Boss NS2. No real preference.

    Yes it's becoming a Free The Tone commercial here. :lol: But I love the Silky Comp. I also love the Xotic SP and Providence Velvet Comp. For Bass, I use the Providence Bass Boot Comp exclusively.

    I don't like EQs, but I have a Boss GE7 handy if need be.

    Whatever setting I have on my Eventide Modfactor. But for individual choices, I like the MXR EVH, Ibanez FL9, and the Boss BF3 (mainstay on my bass pedalboard).

    I love delay and I have quite a collection of them, Eventide Modfactor, Strymon Timeline and Dig, Free The Tone Flight Time (1 and 2), Vox Time Machine, Malekko Ekko 212, Boss RE20 and DD20, and I love them all. So it's hard to choose. I tend to go for two delays at times as well. Though for live, I often reach for the Flight Time or Timefactor. For my bass rig, I keep it simple and have the Vox and the DD20, though the Vox may be replaced by my other Flight Time.

    I actually don't like using reverb all too much. But I like Strymon BigSky, Eventide Space for the big units, and a Neunaber Wet for smaller kinds.

    I've started collecting a few quirky fuzz pedals nearly rivalling my OD/Delay collection. My favorites are the Octavia/Fuzz kind, so the Fulltone Octafuzz, EQD Fuzz Master General and MXR Octavio are choices. Others kinds I like are the Fulltone 69 mk2, Skreddy BC239 for milder 60s fuzz and the Devi Ever Shoegazer and EQD Bit Commander for extreme noise.

    RMC Wizard Wah. No question. If it came switchless like the 95Q (or 105Q that I use for bass), I won't be using anything else.

    Again, whatever's on my Modfactor setting. But I like the MXR EVH for most occasions, and a Boss PH3 for others.

    I'm actually shopping for something new. So far I'm down to either the rugged Boss or one of the 7 EBMM variants. Not sure yet. I do have the Morley Little Alligator on my bass board.

    TC Dittos for simple looping, Boss Loop Stations for more comprehensive looping. For Loop switching, Free The Tone ARC series for me. I'm also planning to grab the Providence Bass Loop Switcher for my bass rig.

    Earthquaker Hummingbird is my go to tremolo. Does the Boss SL20 Slicer count here? :lol:

    Free The Tone Tri Avatar, by far for me. It's the best of an 80s rackmount and multi dimensional chorus sound in a pedal. And again, whatever I have on my Modfactor.

    Still haven't settled for any...

    All the Eventides Factors and larger Strymons I own. I probably should invest in an Axe8...

    I've got a ton of other quirky stuff that I like to bring out every now and then. The Moog MF Ring (ring modulator) and EQD Rainbow Machine gets some use for my more experimental moments. The Boss SY300 isn't the most perfect Guitar Synth unit but it's by far the most convenient. It's getting a fair amount of use on my current projects. I'm very picky with Harmonisers but should I go for one, I'd go with the Digitech Harmony Man for strict harmony. The Eventide Pitchfactor harmoniser is also good but not perfect when it come to certain intervals, but it also has a treasure trove of awesome quirky sounds too. But if I need one on the go, I still have my Boss PS5 for that. I'm also a whammy pedal junkie and have one for guitar (DT) and bass (Blue). I'm thinking of getting a Whammy V and a Ricochet soon sometime...
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  13. marcwormjim

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    Jan 15, 2015
    Not here
  14. thraxil

    thraxil cylon

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Doom/Drone/Black Metal/Psychedelic/Ambient
    Distortion: Rat, EQD Acapulco Gold, HM-2 depending on application. In some setups, I also like using an AMT Bulava or Amptweaker Tight Metal, but those are technically preamps.
    Overdrive: TS mini when I want to tighten things, Timmy clone or Soul Food when I want lower gain, more of just a slight crunch.
    Tuner: TC polytune.
    Noise Gate: I have a TC Sentry and am perfectly happy with it. Hear good things about Decimators too.
    Compressor: TC Spectra. It's a bass compressor, but works great with 8 and 7-string guitars too.
    EQ: Danelectro Fish & Chips, but I'm not too picky about EQs. Got a DOD Boneshaker a while ago and often turn the gain on it down, using it more as a three band parametric EQ.
    Flanger: not a big flanger fan, but I've got a cheap mini electric mistress clone and it's fine, I guess.
    Delay: Digitech Obscura, Digidelay, Mooer Ocean Machine for crazy stuff
    Reverb: Digitech Polara
    Fuzz: DOD Carcosa for heavier doomy stuff, Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz (clone of Frantone Peach Fuzz) is good for really warm, smooth fuzz.
    Wah: not a wah fan, but when I use one, I like the Morley Bad Horsey, mainly because I like that it turns on automatically when you step on it.
    Phaser: Digitech HyperPhase
    Volume: Dunlop Volume pedal is built like a tank. I'd like to try one of the mini ones at some point though.
    Looper: TC Ditto. I like to keep it simple.
    Tremolo: Donner Golden Tremolo is good enough for me. Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo is also solid, but takes up more space.
    Chorus: Not big on chorus, so a cheap Donner chorus is enough for when I want a little
    Expression: NA
    Multi-fx: Axe-Fx
    Misc: EHX Freeze is one of my favorite things ever. Replaced the switch with a soft-click one. I'd like to get my hands on a SuperEgo as well. Also a fan of octave effects, with my favorites being the TC Sub N Up for everyday use and the DOD Meatbox for a setup where I run the clean output from it into a guitar rig and the suboctave output to a bass rig. The Digitech FreqOut is also a lot of fun, but a little pricey.
  15. budda

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    Jan 22, 2007
    I don't worry about genres when looking at pedals (because pedals don't either), I worry about functionality, size, power requirements, resale value and "inspiration factor" (usually ties in to functionality).

    I haven't tried most pedals, but my experience with Empress, Strymon, EarthQuaker, Boss and Fultone have done me well.
  16. MrPowers

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    Nov 28, 2011
    -Band/Casual - Bedroom, Recording, Formerly Modern Hard Rock Band
    -Type of Music - Modern Hard Rock, Modern Metal
    -Distortion: NA. I've never found a distortion pedal I liked. Only distortion comes from my amp - Engl.
    -Overdrive: Green Rhino - Tubescreamer with more options. Also really like the MXR ZW4, especially for boosting Marshall/Orange amps.
    -Tuner: Boss TU3. Works great, doesn't cost a huge amount.
    -Noise Gate: NA. I would by an ISP if my amp didn't have a built in gate.
    -Compressor: NA. I would probably buy a Cali76 if I bought one.
    -EQ: MXR 10 band. Simple and straightforward. Does what an EQ should do.
    -Flanger: MXR EVH117 Flanger. Again, don't use one, but I always wanted to buy this one.
    -Delay: Strymon Timeline. I don't own one, but I've been planning on picking one up at some point in the future. It does everything I could possibly want.
    -Reverb: Eventide Space. I own one and have never heard a better sounding reverb than the Blackhole and Shimmer types on the Eventide.
    -Fuzz: NA.
    -Wah: NA.
    -Phaser: MXR EVH Phase 90. Same comment as flanger.
    -Volume: NA.
    -Looper: NA.
    -Tremolo: Right now, I use the built in tremolo function on my TC Electronic Nova Repeater which just adds tremolo to the delay. I can't see myself using a tremolo outside this context.
    -Chorus: TC Electronic Dreamscape. I like the versatility of that pedal. I haven't bought it yet, but I'm planning on it.
    -Expression: NA.
    -Multi-fx: I would probably buy a Line 6 Helix.
    -Misc: Old Ibanez LoFi (LF7 I think) pedal. The same thing could be accomplished with an EQ, but I just think this pedal is really cool. We used it a lot for tracking droning parts.
  17. Jacksonluvr636

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    Dec 26, 2011
    Type of Music - Metal
    Distortion: Amp
    Overdrive: King of Tone or Koko Boost
    Tuner: Turbo Tuner
    Noise Gate: G string 2
    EQ: Empress Paraeq or MXR 10
    Delay: Alter Ego or Flashback
    Reverb: HOF
    Wah: Wilson, RMC or Buddy Guy wah
    Chorus: Corona
  18. Bearitone

    Bearitone SS.org Regular

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    Feb 20, 2013
    OD: Maxon OD-808x
    Chorus: Digitech Luxe Antichorus. Tracks great, sounds great out front or in the loop, perfect for clean or high gain applications.
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  19. rockskate4x

    rockskate4x rockskate4x

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Pacifica, CA
    Casual player (for now) I've been in bands, but it's been a while...
    Type of Music: everything, but metal is mandatory.
    Distortion: Fulltone OCD. not particularly metal, but I play high gain amps/modelers so i don't need/want pedals for metal levels of gain.
    Overdrive: Ibanez tubescreamer mini. My first OD was a TS7, but since that time I've had a TS9, and the route 66 by visual sound, so I've always had a tubescreamer in one form or another. I got the mini for convenience and it sounds so good that I don't put any bigger tubescreamers on my board. Even when I have other overdrives or a gainy amplifier, it's always handy to be used on its own or stack into other drives. Can't imagine a board without it.
    Tuner: right now it's the polytune mini. it's alright. i've never been too picky about it.
    Noise Gate: I've only used noise gates in modelers (POD HD etc) but when an ISP decimator g string II shows up for the right price, I'll be snagging it. It's the best one my friend has ever had after trying a few in his rig. It's great to have the gate triggered by your guitars raw signal but only blocking noise after the loudest part of your signal chain.
    Compressor: I currently have the mooer yellow comp, which is a great value. I have definitely played better, but it's inexpensive and kicks the crap out of dyna comp style pedals. Even works agreeable with humbuckers. I can't use my clean channels without it. I really enjoyed the wampler ego compressor. Would love to try something from cali 76
    EQ: none at the moment, but I owned the black mxr 10 band. sold it before i realized it's full potential. They aren't the sexiest pedals to have, but i never even put it in my fx loop before trading it for a fuzz that i ended up hating. regrets... it's back on my wishlist. Even if doesn't make it to my main board, I want it for tone sculpting in my amps' fx loops.
    Flanger: never been a huge fan of the really super effected van halen or paul gilbert jet engine flange. My favorite flanges are on the border of being cosidered choruses or phasers. All time favorite is another buddy's old school electric mistress. After watching that pedal show, I'd be happy to own a Mooer E-lady, as it is a pretty close approximation and it seems to make dan smile.
    Reverb: i've only experimented with reverb in my modelers. I have never felt like i needed one live. I'm not too shoegazy, though I've been tempted by the super tiny TC electronics HOF so I can just get one good amp style reverb set that one knob as a mix control to turn to taste in a room.
    Fuzz: I haven't played a fuzz that i liked yet. That might be my problem. I've tried the EH big muff and a few dunlop fuzz face variants. the muff stayed on my board the longest but i never got comfortable with it outside the practice room. Live it never made sense, or gelled with my playing style in the context of a band.
    Wah: dunlop crybaby 95q for the auto-engage feature, and the q and mix controls. I prefer my wah's gentle and unobtrusive, both in sound and in control. The 95q is a huge improvement over my orginal crybaby.
    Phaser: big fan of the phase 90 but now really enjoying the phase 95. More sounds, smaller footprint.
    Volume: Only used volume pedal in modelers. I already have a bunch of dunlop/mxr stuff, so I'll probably just be getting the regular heavy-ass dunlop volume
    Looper: POD HD
    Tremolo: every once in a while i want tremolo, but not enough to actually get one. the POD HD is good enough for now, but if I ever need to scratch that itch i think the mooer trelicopter will suffice. I can't justify giving a whole lot of floor space up for tremolo.
    Chorus: I prefer phase 90 type pedals over any chorus, but every once in a while i get aroused by tasteful use of a boss CE1 or CE2. I have a boss dd-7 and would enjoy setting a wide modulation on short delay time on the repeats. That's the closest thing I've ever had to a chorus pedal.
    Expression: POD HD
    Multi-fx: POD HD
    Misc: POD HD? what can I say... i will never get rid of modelers because it keeps me from spending too much on my board. It really helps to have a way to try out different sounds before deciding to invest in a modulation pedal or something. When the HD kicks the bucket, I'm sure i'll be grabbing a HELIX LT or whatever is hot then.
  20. Spaced Out Ace

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    Jan 27, 2010
    Distortion: ProCo Rat and Rat variants -- Just call me Willard
    Overdrive: Tube Screamer and variants; the Architect v2 I have though is a great Klon style drive with 3 band EQ, though
    Fuzz: Big Muff
    Chorus: MXR Black Label Chorus
    Phase, Flange, Wah: EVH Phase 90, EVH Flanger, EVH Wah
    Delay: An echoplex would be great to have, even if it would be a total hassle

    Don't care about the rest at the moment.

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