Weird pod hd500x!

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by SnoozyWyrm, Oct 24, 2014.

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    Hello and help?! :D

    Next week is gig week (tuesday last rehearsal) so time is of the essence... I usually keep my pod plugged with my headphones for silent noodling (haven't used the editor for quite some time). Today I try to make some patches for the upcoming gigs and the Pod refused to let my guitar make any sound while connected via usb. It'd be quite comical if I wasn't in a hurry...

    I connect the pod via usb. It gets recognized. It works as a soundcard (my monitors can play music f.e.). My guitar can't make a sound. As long as I disconnect the pod from the pc my guitar is "on-line" again. However I cannot use the freaking editor and I need to... What do?

    I already checked with other guitars/cables. Also, I upgraded everything (drivers/editor/flash) to the current versions.So either it's a setting I unknowingly made. or it's a PC problem. Could it be a problem with the usb cable connecting pod and pc?

    edit: input selected is guitar

    Thank you for your time :wavey:

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