We always hurt the ones we love...

Discussion in 'Standard Guitars' started by Cynicanal, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Feb 15, 2018

    The sad truth of guitar ownership -- the ones that are you favorites will always be the ones to bear the most chips and dings. I've got three guitars that could suddenly be rendered unplayable tomorrow and I wouldn't care less; they have little more than buckle rash. My PRS SE is very much an "occasional player" that's also nearly pristine. Meanwhile, the corners on my Ultra V are a bit crunched... and I just put this big chip on one of my Beast's lower points.

    I mean, it's completely logical why it's the favorites that have to wear the scars -- it's hard to get banged up when you just sit in a case forever -- but man... it still hurts.
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