Washburn WG-587

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by Schindigg, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Found this guitar in a pawn shop whilst do a job and waiting on the worker to clean out a case. After a quick inspection of the guitar I noticed that really the only thing wrong was a loose input jack. Managed to talk the guy down to $125 after telling him it would need some soldering, it didn't. But onto my review of it.

    FYI: this is my first 7 string

    Feel: This being a much older guitar I expected this to feel clunky but it really doesn't, the neck feels pretty good and has a nice shape all the way down to where it's bolted on and is easy to play. The body is solid and has some weight to it. The frets were nicely filed down and are smooth all the way up and down

    Visual: Everything about this guitar was in good shape until i noticed a slight chip in the paint down by the bottom horn, but its barely cracked and is almost unnoticeable. The bridge, selector switch, and volume/tone pods all are in good shape. I will say the neck definitely was dried out but when I got it home I applied some Gerlitz guitar honey and it made the neck shine like it was almost new.

    Sound: Right "out of the box" it sounded a little fuzzy and thin on both distortion and clean channels but I ordered a pair of Seymour Duncan "nazgul and sentient" pickups and it helped out the sound a lot. When tuning down to drop A the bottom can get a little less clear but it still sounds pretty damn mean. The only thing I'm not happy about is there are a few dead frets but it's mainly the 18th frets on 3-4 strings
    new guitar 1 - Copy.jpg new guitar 2.jpg

    So all in all I think its not a bad start on my 7 string journey, my next fiddle will probably be a custom Kiesel 7 string. For the price it seems like a nice start and I like it, even though a buddy recently got a Ernie Ball JP15 family reserve 7 string and it made me realize that my guitar is pretty low on the scale compared to something like that but oh well, its served me well!!!

    What are you guy's thoughts on my purchase and/or the guitar in general?
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    Washburn made/makes some killer stuff. They kind of get lost in the mix, but they have some real winners. I had a WM7 I sold that was great and I have a Custom Shop WI-556 (IIRC) that is the singlecut version of a WM-526. All great. I dig the headstock carve on yours. :yesway:

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