Vox silk drive pedal


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Dec 8, 2009
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For years all I have needed is a distortion and a cabinet simulator. I do all other effects using software (I am a recording musician).

So when I saw these pedals (there are 4 different models, the silk being the cleanest) I was curious. I bought one. I don't have any sound samples, but I am very impressed with it. With singles it is "chimey", with a b tuned guitar it is "crunchy and warm". I plan on getting a few of the others. I am not sure if I need the red one or not. I have not tried the silk with a bass yet either, but its basically a fuzz with a cabinet simulator, so it should sound "okay" with the bass.

The other thing about these is, on the silk I can turn the gain down, turn the cabinet sim on, and then run another pedal into it, say like a Boss HM-2 and then run it direct in. It opens so many doors.