Vigier Marilyn Pearly White Supra Dimarzio

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Okay Here it is, the Vigier Marilyn pearly white supra dimarzio
    Paid : 3000 Euros
    check it here on my facebook for photos

    Now At first the specs are pretty much the same as the normal marilyn in black :

    Maple Neck 24 frets
    25.6” scale
    Phenowood Fretboard
    Dimarzio X2N Pickups
    Hardtail Vigier Bridge
    Schaller Locking Tuners
    Exclusive Vigier Bolt-on neck featuring the 10/90 System (10% carbon, 90% wood)
    Vigier Zero fret

    The only difference is aesthetics, this is a limited run in wich the marilyn is produced in Pearly White

    Features 4.5/5 :

    The Marilyn is equipped with everything you need, A really qualityfull hardtail bridge wich handles really smooth in playing, the phenowood fretboard wich is extremely smooth and high quality and the dimarzio X2N wich are really good High Output Pickups, The only thing i really wanted extra was the choice for EMG's because i always have played EMG's and now had to settle with these dimarzio's ( wich sound great, dont get me wrong ).
    I got EMG's ordered and they should arrive next week and i'm pretty sure they will do this guitar great justice.
    The guitar also just looks beautifull, I am in love with it :D

    Sound 4/5 :

    As i said i prefer the EMG's but stockwise these X2N from Dimarzio sound really great on my Mesa Dual Rec, the cleans are not really that good but in the end I play Death Metal so it is not really a problem.
    The wood on this guitar is Aged French Alder wich is full quality and rich of sustain.

    Action, Fit and Finish : 5/5

    The guitar had a really low setup when it arrived wich is all i actually need, The only thing i changed was changing and adjusting the tuning to D standard.
    The finish of this guitar is incredible, it looks great, everything is in place solidly, I really have the feeling holding a quality instrument, the phenowood fretboard has really good feeling and I love it in total.

    Reliability : 5/5
    This thing is a rock, i'm pretty sure I could throw it against the wall and it would go through :D
    It feels really solid and it looks solid too.

    Customer Support 5/5 :

    I had to order this through the factory itself, they were very helpfull, very friendly and they called me for almost each inch the guitar moved =).
    I find this really important, these are professional people wich care for their instruments.

    Overall Rating : 5/5

    This is my dreamguitar, I always wanted a Vigier Marilyn but it was really hard to find these things in shops so i really had to call the factory, when they told me there was a white version I ordered it directly, when it arrived my face almost scorched off of awe.
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    Nah throw it to me :scream:
    I remember some interviews of Roger Glover talking about Patrice Vigier convincing him to use Vigier basses... he jumped on the neck several time :lol:
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    Nice guitar. I love my Marilyn although I did swap out the x2n's and put in a dual set of emg 81's and it slays

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