[VIDEO] Single Coil, Humbucker, or Both?

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    [NEW VIDEO] Thought would do a little video between the difference of single coils and humbuckers with hi-gain material. I used my Squier VM Telecaster Deluxe, modded with Iron Gear Hot Slag Bridge and Rolling Mill Neck pickups, and both of them are coli-split. And I have push-pots on the volume to split the coils on the pickups. And I have the guitar tuned to the Alt Drop F# Architects style tuning. So what do you prefer? Single coil or Humbucker, or both?

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    I have long maintained that Single Coils are clearer, brighter and pack a real punch for metal tones.
    The ubiquity of Humbuckers in metal is down to historical precedence. My main guitar is a PRS S2 Semihollow with a PAF in the bridge that is being replaced by a Bluesbucker (Dimarzio's take on a P90 masquerading as a humbucker) in the next few weeks. The kind of twang and upper midrange crunch that a narrow aperture pickup has is really its own thing that cannot be found elsewhere in my opinion.

    Cool video!

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