Toontrack EZMix (and Mark Lewis) praise!

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Bentaycanada, Dec 3, 2019.

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    I just picked up the EZX Made of Metal kit on the BF sales at Toontrack. To give it a test run, I decided to record a quick track with it, nothing more than half an hours work tops.

    I've spent the summer away from my studio recording, as I got married and that took up all my time. I sat down, and loaded some midi presets on the EZX, and then began to record over them.

    EZMix allows you to record you tracks dry, and then simply add the preset plugin you think sounds best. I have multiple expansion packs for it, and my go to has long been the Mark Lewis metal pack. With only a few clicks I was able to find amazing tones for each of my recorded guitar tacks.

    No messing with EQ, no hours spent setting up each tone to be just right. Just plug in, record and find the right tone in under 30 minutes. It's such a blessing for recording that has me blown away by just how good the tones are.

    I've owned several 5150/6505 amps, and have recorded with even more. I know for a fact that with even the best equipment, studio and mixing, I could probably not get better tone than the Mark Lewis Iron 6550 Rhythm. It's that good, and the best part is, it took absolutely no effort from me. It's all there, ready and waiting every time I record.

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