TNGD - Mixed offerings


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Jul 11, 2013
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West Midlands - United Kingdom
This triple should be a QNGD (quad) but I can't quite wait. Here's what the beginning of the week yielded for me...

1987 Charvel Model 7 MIJ

1991 B.C. Rich Warlock MIA

2013 Squier Jaguar MIWho cares

Some of you may notice something wrong with two of the guitars. The main one is the Warlock.

Its complete, but I've stripped this down to clean thoroughly as it's not been used in nearly 10 years. Also, this guitar was free!
Yup, a genuine USA Warlock with Dimarzio pups and Gotoh trem system as well as original gig bag and even the warranty docs. All free. Why?

My luthier is already on the case and will be taking the guitar in at the end of September to deal with it. Now it's all spruced up, it's just the repair and a set-up that's required to get this thing making some heavy, nasty noises again.

The Charvel is simply amazing. The sound and feel is up there with the heavyweights. It really is a glory to behold.
However, it has been modded by a previous owner to house a humbucker in the bridge position - which means the bridge has also been cut back. This is a shame as it's ruined the originality but, like my Model 2, it's in 'used' condition so hardly an ornament.
I'm now in a dilemma; do I find a B90C to keep the vibe going or drop in a BKP as it's my go-to pup of choice? What do you all reckon?

The Jaguar is a lovely thing, too. It certainly has it's own character and can actually sound very gnarly. I wasn't expecting much of the Duncan Designed pups but it sounds great through my Frontman 212R.

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Apr 22, 2014
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The Cosmos
Nice!!!My inner Criss Oliva just awakened after seeing that Charvel!!!!