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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by DrakkarTyrannis, May 13, 2009.

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    Mar 18, 2012
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    No complaints with the EHX KT88 sets I've had :yesway:

    JJ ones sound good too, but have a bit less high end. Also, I don't know if it's typical of the JJ models, but my set makes a lot of rattling noise whenever I record with a load box. Not an issue through a cabinet, but kind of annoying when I'm trying to record silently
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    Jul 14, 2018
    Been tube rolling, ...again.

    Ceriatone 800 with the PPI-MV/LAR mod...

    Mullard I63 in V1 was sweet-smooth- very buttery or creamy best way to describe it...unlike the Chinese 12AX7 that was on the brighter side and more gain. I tried lots of different tubes NOS and Current production but settled on a Amperex/Canada in V1

    V2.....I put a Rogers/Canada , i believe its a Amperex as well....both of these tubes in V1-V2 really make this 800 really sing with a SD-1 boosting it...really love the tone

    V3....tried lots of tubes..12AX7LPS, current JJ's, ECC803....but a ECC83 Ei Yugoslavia rounded out the line is that a sweet tube in that position

    Put some Apex Matched JJ's EL34's it biased perfect, sounded a little brighter and tighter that the old Svetlana's El34' seemed like those tubes had more sag maybe ??

    Anyway, i buttoned it up...been rocking it and really digging that 800 sounds great with all my Guitars. I do change boost pedals if i need more gain, but i like the 800 sound

    Tubes really made a difference in this amp.....i can get more gain by putting a Chinese square getter 12AX7 in V1 but i wanted a nice mid gain tube platform and boost if i need more gain.

    The NOS tubes made me a believer .....they are very sweet in tone...

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    Jan 13, 2017
    - Got some Mullard Reissue EL34's for my VHT 2-50-2 to check out.
    - I'm desperately searching for an acceptable (and less expensive) SED Winged-C (=C=) replacement. They are just really expensive nowadays.
    - I can see why these are the recommended =C= replacement and why Fryette uses them now. They sound very similar, but respond a bit different to dynamics.
    - They seem about 15% less dynamic (random guess)
    - The sound stage is a little narrower also and the noise floor is increased too, but not enough to be annoying. I'd guess maybe about 4-6db louder and the sound stage is maybe 10% narrower. Again all subjective impressions.
    - The Mid's are more pronounced and smooth and a bit more "chewy" yet still have bit and cut. They would probably cut a lot better in a mix than the =C=. The highs are nothing special for me and smoother too and the bass is a lot tighter and less boomy but with less "clang" to them than the =C= .
    - My guess is most people would probably actually prefer these to the =C= because of these features. They certainly get you more into that flat zone and ready to record or go to PA easier.
    - The Mullards certainly break up and saturate way faster than the =C= also. Like way faster. I can get to the volume I want before saturation, but just barely. Once they do break up though they are really good. The tone and sustain stays intact and it's a really pleasant saturation. Once they saturate though there's basically not much left in them in terms of volume of punch. That's basically what your gonna get it seems.
    - In comparison to the plain old JJ EL34's (black base, not the EL34L) They are almost right in between the =C= and the JJ EL34. The mids seem about the same tonally but louder. The JJ's have more bass than these Mullards (though not as much as the =C=) and the JJ's are more shrill on the high end. These Mullards have a tone of high end but none of it seems harsh at all. The highs are very smooth. To the point you may not be able to get it as piercing as you'd want. The JJ's low end is in between the =C= and the Mullards.
    - These Mullards seem very low in harmonic content. I don't get all those swirlys happening like I do in the =C=.
    - Overall I think the Mullard reissue EL34's are a great tube but also kind of sterile. It's almost like my amp got turned into a solid state but retained a lot of the good tube characteristics. For saturation tones though I think they seem really nice.
    - The comparisons I made with the =C= were using my VHT 2-50-2 in both class-A and Class a/b modes and mixing them too at times. The a/b bias for each was set to around 35ma and the VHT was putting out about 500v. In class-a the VHT is a cathode bias and the Mullards read at 83ma and the =C= read at 92ma.
    I also tried rolling the driver stage tubes between JAN Phillips 12au7's, JJ ecc82's, and Ruby (Shuguang) 12u7's as well. The phase inverter used was a Shuguang Ruby 12ax7a and amp was set to 8ohms into both a Sequis Motherload fully loaded and also four 2x12's loaded with EV Force 12's (guitar/not PA version).
    In conclusion these are great tubes that most people would probably love and maybe even like more than the =C= but since I've been spoled all these years using =C= I really do prefer them over the Mullards so much that I'm gonna sell these and buy some more, but for the price I don't know if these can be beat. I'm currently looking at the Shuguang Preferred Series as I hear good things about those too. I really would love to find an equal or better than =C= replacement for less money though.
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