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Discussion in 'Art, Media & Photography' started by odibrom, May 9, 2017.

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    Mar 19, 2015
    compressed charcoal on 8x12".
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    Dec 2, 2014
    ... perto de onde a terra acaba e o mar come├ža...
    So, I've finished some work recently, all done with computer medium, but it is to be printed in wood... the following image is some parallel "art" derived from that work.

    I could achieve this result with 3D modeling software, which I've used to achieve the color order on the objects faces, but since I needed this to be print friendly and in large formats, I had to get this all in vector format.
    1. Main concept and modeling was done in AutoCAD,
    2. Color distribution was on 3D Studio Max. Separated image rendering by color and also with all flat colors (So I could know which colored face is over which colored face).
    3. Importing rendered independent colors back to AutoCAD and ordering all frames.
    4. Exporting everything to PDF format, so to be able to print it, however, colors were Raster so I had to draw every face in Illustrator and layer them in the correct order. Everything is now in vector format.
    5. For the following GIF, I then exported all images into PNG file format (almost the same as JPGs, but with Alpha channel included) so to build up this GIF in Photoshop.
    When all things are done, they will deliver a crazy stereoscopic composition quite awesome to look at (with a bit of eye gymnastics)...

    ... enjoy...
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    Aug 29, 2015
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    So with 2020 being lean and mean financially, I wasn't able to buy anything for my wife ( besides the glass ornaments that I mentioned in another thread). But I've got a lot of art supplies already so I decided to do an abstract of our kitty. Sucks to get old and discover that painting is often more frustrating than therapeutic but it is what it is. Anyway.. she loved it so it was worth every bit of pain in my hand/ wrist to be able to do it. If nothing else, even though it's nothing great at least I'm not embarrassed lol.

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