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    Sep 30, 2012
    I'm looking to upgrade from my stand alone pedals and go to midi capable units to use with my Invective to eliminate all the tap dancing and have multiple settings on hand.

    Right now I'm looking at Strymon and Boss.

    Timeline vs DD500
    Morbius vs MD500

    With the modulation units I want to be able to use multiple effects at once. Are both capable of doing that?

    I've listened to a few demos of each and they sound great. But being a total noob regarding midi I'm just wondering if there are any technical/functiinal limitations I've overlooked or haven't thought about.

    I'm also open to suggestions for other units as well, but want to stay away from giant floor board multi fx. Amp modeling isn't wanted or needed.


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    Aug 11, 2010
    If I can also piggyback off this question (if it's ok with you FILTH) do Midi effects eliminate the need to have a parallel loop (or even serial) in your head? Or is it one of those things where like it's accepted that MIDI will never be as good as analog?

    Other than one distortion pedal and a Wah I've never used effects/pedals like ever so I'm a little dumb on the topic haha.
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    What about empress, chase bliss, seymour duncan, the list goes on?

    If you want to go really all in one, get an FX8.
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    Mar 18, 2012
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    To my knowledge, both the Mobius and MD-500 only run one effect at a time, but the Mobius has the added advantage of being able to run in 4CM.

    I've never tried the DD-500, but I love my Timeline to death. Super versatile, easy to dial in, and I had no problems integrating it with the rest of my rig and midi devices.

    I briefly owned the RV-500 and compared it side-by-side with my Big Sky and it didn't quite do it for me like the Strymon did. It was super adjustable and easy to get a good sound from on the more standard modes like hall and spring, but the more lush/ambient modes seemed sort of cheesy and digital compared to the Big Sky. The interface had a bit of a learning curve, but was pretty logical once you got the hang of it. I would imagine the DD-500 would compare in a similar way to the Timeline.

    However, at the price point and footprint of two of the Strymon or 500 series pedals, I would also look at the Line 6 HXFX or M9. I use an M9 in conjunction with my Strymon pedals to cover everything else besides verb/delay like eq, some phasers and chorus, filters, etc. The delay and reverbs in the M9 seem good too, but I haven't spent much time playing with them. The HXFX can also run in 4CM and has their latest versions of all the effects, plus it can run more effects at a time than the M series.
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