Switching from 1/4" to MIDI channel switcher

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by Bretton, Jun 6, 2018.

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    so I'm helping my non-internet-savvy buddy with his rig. He's been playing a Krank Rev 1 with a 1/4" TS connection to switch between its two channels, and we built a pedalboard around it including a custom loop master pedal to switch between channels while simultaneously switching between its two internal loops, so clean has chorus, dirty has OD, one stomp to change it. diagram attached.

    So now he's picked up a Randall RM100KH as a trade for work he did, and loves it. it's a 3 channel amp that uses a midi connection to switch channels, and now we need a new channel changer to do the same thing, have chorus on clean, OD on rhythm and lead, and be able to change it all with one stomp. where do we get a pedal that will do the same as the loop master, but with midi for the channel switching signal?

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    Rjm music sells a product called "amp gizmo" that has 1/4 or midi in and outs. You should be able to plug the existing board and amp to the device and they will sync.

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