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    Danny McMartin delivers a stampede of luscious surf rock on his debut solo release “Surfer Libre”.

    Danny is a musician originally from Sydney Australia relocating to London in the name of pursuing music, adventure and stepping out in faith. His Surf Rock style pays tribute to legends such as The Beach Boys, Dick Dale and The Shadows. His years of experience have seen him performing intimate shows for Amy Winehouse, members of Jamiroquai and The Clash. To sharing the stage with members of INXS playing their greatest hits.

    His latest EP is an organic feel good vibe, bringing with it an environmental message about respecting God’s creation and appreciating what we’ve been given. The tunes are a modern take on a classic genre presenting it in a fresh way for a new generation to discover and embrace. Staying true to form and respecting the forefathers of this style some tracks are instrumental giving a platform form that transports the listener straight to the beach. Balancing the EP on the other tracks with lyrics that any ocean lover will relate to that inspires a heart to preserve what we have, while we still have it.
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    Reviewing your own album... is that kosher? Is it a divide-by-zero kind of thing?

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