String skipping during sweeps?

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    It ends up 4 notes because I hit the muted string (d) at the exact same time as the fretted string (a). So just applying more force so the pick moves twice as far/twice as fast for that note compared to the other notes. Like a double string rest stroke. So the muted string can't be heard over the fretted one and I'm keeping the rhythm straight 16s, no tuplet added!

    I'm not sure I like the up-stroke because 1) it ends up being such a big motion changing direction and doesn't feel super efficient (but that could be me just not being used to the motion). And 2) sometimes I'm coming down from a sweep the other direction right before that note with another string skip, so either way I would have to go through a string without changing direction.

    Hm, this one is interesting, a little bit fiddly but may have potential.

    This one is also interesting, I quite like it! Hybrid picking definitely adds some extra control compared to sweeping.
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    I rarely play sweeps across 5 or 6 strings, but frequently play arpeggios that include mini sweeps across 3 or 4 strings - combined with string skips and legato.

    I can't think of a good example of pure sweeping with string skips off the top of my head, but I regularly use the intro of 'Glasgow Kiss' by John Petrucci as a warm-up exercise, playing about with the rhythm and speed to 'test' myself. Where I've highlighted in red below, my picking hand has to change direction plus skip a string, but can play this as fluidly and evenly as the sweeps. I've never considered doing anything but economy picking for this style of play (even though John Petrucci is a strict alternate picker) - I just move my pick faster when it has to travel further. I don't consider myself to be good and have no idea how fast you are wanting to sweep with string picks. Everyone must hit a limit where they have to slow down the sweep to keep the string skip sounding even.


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