STL Tonality Will Putney Review with Clips

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    Hi there, just wanted to post a quick review of the Will Putney Suite from STL. I decided to bite the bullet and pick this one up after trying a couple of other Amp Sims from other brands like Bias, Amplitube, Mercurial, Neural DSP and honestly have to say this is my favourite.

    Ease Of Use: 8/10
    Very easy to setup and find a tone that you like with the 50 accompanying album tones presets as well as the presets from Stl and Will Putney himself. The interface is simple and easy to navigate and very user friendly. Wish the plugin had an easier way to load IRs as you have to load each one individually but I'm just being picky, aren't I?

    Sound: 9/10
    Definitely one of the best sounding plugins I've tried along with the Fortin Nameless and STL Andy James. The 4 guitar amps all sound fantastic and are very easy to get a good sound out of. My personal favorites are Amp 1 for general metal, Amp 3 for more rocky tones and Amp 4 for the Djent. I struggled to get a good tone out of Amp 2 as i found it a bit hollow sounding but maybe there are some better IR's that are more suitable for this

    All clips are recorded with the my Jackson DKA7 with Dimarzio D-Activators straight into my interface and DAW. No post eq or processing done so these are raw tracks. I used the same IR from the This Could Be Heartache Album Tone that came with the plugin.

    Amp 1- Peavey 6505 render 002.wav?dl=0

    Amp 3- Mesa Boogie Triple Crown render 001.wav?dl=0

    Amp 4 - Diezel Herbert render 005.wav?dl=0

    Overall I think this is a great plugin and deserves some more love despite all the new options from Neural DSP grabbing everyones attention...with that being said I need the Neural DSP Granophyre like right now....RIP Bank Account
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