Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

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    I miss that brief period in the late 90's/early 2000's when there were a lot of films with lots of ambiguous meaning. Now we're at the point where, in franchises like "Pirates of the Caribbean," every joke/gag has to be repeated to the audience and then explained, and every dramatic twist has to be explained to the audience by an onscreen character after it's already seen happening. It's like Hollywood hired Tommy Two-Times from Goodfellas to write the script, then hired Captain Obvious to direct the film.

    I think that maybe the Casino planet stuff could have maybe worked if it had been done well, but instead it suffered heavily from the deliberate lack of subtlety. "We have to do something, because they abuse animals... see" <show clip of animals being abused> "And the abuse of less fortunate people" <show clip of child worker in squalor>. Same thing could have been said more eloquently without any dialogue.

    Imagine if they had done the Luke scenes at the end the same way, where Mark Hamill read a narration over the entire thing about how he was using his force powers to project a hologram. It would have really spoiled the entire scene. As it was, I think they could have even done better with that scene by showing a little less.

    So, yeah, it's a twofold problem, because showing so much unnecessary stuff slows the pace of the film, making it less exciting, and also makes the film unnecessarily long. I guess it's a Star Wars film, so you expect it to be 50% longer than the average feature film, but it doesn't have to be.
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    Have you already seen this 16bit recreation of Kilo and Luke? ooops spoiler... come on, the movie is on for 3 weeks now so...

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    "ooh noo those poor horses thinggy are getting abused..." they are bad people for making them run in betting races.... and how bad they treat the kids slaves, because Iw as one of them...."

    *goes to "free" the animals....*

    "yay"..... and they left.

    -animals are still stuck on the island, so they would be caught and put into racing in no time.... like the 5 of them out of who knows how many
    -all the racing facilities are still in perfect working order, nothing really changed
    -all the kids are still slaves workers. No kids were set free or anything remotely close... oh, ONE kid got a ring!, not like it helps for anything really

    yay for Finn and that chick.
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