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    How come there's nothing about this Peter Steele-biography in here? It's written by Jeff Wagner and published by fyi press.

    I have waited for this book for a long time and I'm actually a bit surprised that nobody has never done anything like this about Mr. Steele.

    I ordered the ebook as soon as the book was published and read the whole thing on my phone in a couple of nights. There was some nice bits of info here and there, but not too much new stuff that I hadn't read in other places. Cool pictures too, and the ebook had some extra pics that aren't on the physical book. I'm glad that Joel McIver didn't write this,as he always just praises everything in his books (quote from slayer-book: Kerry plays atonal solo and then Jeff plays atonal solo and then they play atonal solo together, while Tom awesomely yells like a thrashmetalsheep and plucks the strings of his magnificient bass! and this is actually the review of all of their songs...), which Jeff doesn't do too much.

    There's stuff from the early fallout and carnivore days to the last day of Peter's life, not forgetting the parks and recreation stuff before the bands took all the time. Peter's drug using is quite big part of the book, which shouldn't surprise anyone that knows anything of the green giant. Ending is quite sad of course and shows how damn pointless Peter's death was, as it could have been prevented with some simple things.

    While this book certainly isn't as great as the subject of it was, I do recommend it to fans or anyone who would like to know who Petrus Thomas Ratajczyk was and what kind of impact he had on metal music.

    Oh... there was a bit of a surprise waiting for me when I got home. I ordered the ebook version as I said earlier, and paid about 15 dollars or so for it. The physical book was just too expensive with all the postal costs and taxes and whatnot. Well, today the book appeared on my mailbox. I don't know why or how, but there it is. Now I can put it in my book collection. Hooray! :hbang:

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