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Jul 12, 2014
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So last week I posted about practice amps that are worth the while and I actually went and tested the top two mentioned which were the Boss Kitana and the Yamaha THR.

Boss Kitana:
Honestly nothing to say, the model I played had way to many issues due to it being used and abused in store so I couldn’t fairly judge it.

Yamaha THR:

The tone was actually very impressive and after playing around with it for like 20 minutes was able to dial in to my liking. The biggest drawbacks from what I found was a constant static on the amp which was a little irritating but could be compensated by a gate pedal I suppose. Also I unfortunately am a “bull in a china shop” and could see myself damaging the flimsy little thing by accident.

I really want to test the THR30x that has been discontinued but have only found a couple being listed for sale on sites like reverb. I actually offloaded a lot of stuff and picked up a Line 6 MK IV 150 combo for basically nothing in amazing condition. Not crazy about going against what I originally wanted for amp size but I am def happy with the sound. I know alot of people have mixed opinions on Line 6 products but I personally haven’t had any issues besides wanting to slap teens in GC for abusing the Insane Red setting haha! Thanks to everyone previously for the input! 42E8555A-61E3-4147-AF11-9E68C24873B8.jpeg


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Sep 14, 2015
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Nice, congrats!

If I was buying a digital amp today I would totally look at the Spiders first. They may not win any popularity contests but who cares about that? It's more important that it sounds good.