Song Of The Month February/March 2010 - Chad Haynes' "Kakuna Used Harden"

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    <strong> Song Of The Month: June/July 2010 - Chad Haynes' "Kakuna Used Harden"</strong>
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    <b>Chad "Sliggy" Haynes- "Kakuna Used Harden"
    Listen: (SoundClick - MySpace)</b>

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    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;"> Name/age/location: </span>

    Chad Haynes / 20 / Melbourne, Australia

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Who are your biggest musical influences?</span>

    I take influence from anybody who is a musician, but also a producer. Guys like Misha Mansoor, Adam D., and Devin Townsend are the kind of guys that inspire me loads. These guys have brains that I desire and are living the kind of lives that I dream about.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;"> For those who haven't yet heard your song, describe "Kakuna Used Harden" in seven words or less:</span>

    Erratic, Spontaneous, Hilarious, Brutal, Heavy, and Random.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">What was the writing process like for "Kakuna Used Harden"?</span>

    Well I didn't write this song by myself actually. I produced it and played all the guitars and bass tracks that you hear on it, and I also programmed all the drums and synths, but I only wrote like half of it.

    My friend Roy Browne came over and said he had some cool breakdown patterns, and he brought the guitarist from his band to show me a couple of riffs. Basically the guys came over, laid down some scratchy shit, and then me and Roy spent like 8 hours making something of it all. The only part that was written 100% by me was the chorus that begins at 1:00. Everything else was collaborative.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Did the song turn out as you'd envisioned it?</span>

    Well it's all over the place and random as shit with some crazy technical breakdown patterns, so yeah I suppose it did!

    <img style="padding:20px;" align="right" src="" alt="Keith Merrow"/>
    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">What gear was used for the recording of "Kakuna Used Harden"?</span>

    I'm still stuck in the oldschool when it comes to gear. I used my ESP Baritone 6 string guitar (blasphemy I know), a PodXT, a Presonus Firepod, and my E-MU 1212m soundcard. As far as the software goes, I used Drumkit From Hell and Nuendo 3, and all the synths are just the stock standard ones that come with Nuendo.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Where should people go if they want to contact you or hear more of your music?</span>

    My MySpace and Soundclick pages work fine.. Also feel free to add me on Facebook! Wall posts about how much you enjoy my music helps me score with ladies LOL

    Chad Haynes on MySpace
    Chad Haynes on SoundClick

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