Single Pup, Single Knob Options?

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    So I bought a used Agile Intrepid Pro 828 with a single bridge pickup.

    I think it's an EMG 808, but whatever it is, it's one of the worst pickups, bar none, I've ever played. Prefer playing unplugged it's so dogshit.

    Anywho, an excuse to buy a new pickup was obtained and today I received my burnt chrome Bareknuckle Painkiller! (this'll be my first experience with BK)

    So switching from active to passive I have a few options for my single knob hole; but I'm kinda conflicted.

    So we got:

    #1 Killswitch button

    This was the first plan. I have a Tesi metal 12mm Killswitch and I also bought a tiny 8mm Killswitch which (apparently) is the same diameter as a standard volume knob shaft so I wouldn't have to permanently drill the hole wider. (Would for the 12mm which I've done before)

    Pros: Brutal
    Easy to install/use
    Sleek flat body top

    Cons: No volume knob lol

    Worried about the Painkiller getting ear bleeding shrill. Wired straight to the jack... Idunno. This guitar is gonna be a riff machine since I have other shreddy neck pup'd guitars

    #2 Duncan Liberator 500k Pot

    I have one lying around... I was gonna shove it in another guitar as a pickup test bed.

    Kinda feel like this would be wasted on such a simple wiring job of a guitar. But it is there I guess *shrug*

    #3 Guitar Fetish 330k Pot

    I LOVE these pots. Especially in guitars with no tone controls. They don't muffle or darken the tone at all except extreme treble. So you get the same clean, clear, open, hifi sound you get with a 500k or 550k pot with no tone pot, but without shrill death treble (well, less)

    Probably the safest bet.

    TL;DR Painkiller bridge, 1 knob hole, what do? Maybe split?

    420! Lol
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