SG pickguard compatibilty/swapability

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    The long and short of it is this: I picked up an Epi G400 a couple weeks back, and I'm a purely rhythm player, so I was thinking about taking the neck pickup out and doing an SG JR pickguard to cover up the hole; no mess, no fuss, just a straight cover on top and no one would know.

    I've been able to find places that sell a Gibson SG Jr pickguard, but I can't seem to find any sort of template with measurements of both to try and align my current pickguard vs. the SG Jr's in CAD/Photoshop, etc... which would also let me know if I should just make a one off for myself if the aftermarket ones don't align properly. Both are set neck, 22 frets with same scale length, so in theory, it shouldn't be an issue, but after looking around, there's more changes to their pickguards over the years than I would have though, so I'd rather check up front than pay the price.

    Anyone know if this is a feasible route to go down, if they parts will swap out like I'm hoping for, or are no two pickguards alike, and I'm SOL for a one off?

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