Seymour duncans to 5 way ibanez switch wiring?

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Apr 11, 2011
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Peoria,IL USA
I'm no expert when it comes to wiring and i've never encountered this particular problem before. I just got an Ibanez prestige 7 with upgraded sentient neck and nazgul bridge passive pickups, which is awesome, but the former owner wired the pickups backwards and only to the 1,3,5 position.

I'm trying to figure out how to wire these with a coil tap for the 2 and 4 position and so that the switch works normally instead of backwards if I can.

Does anyone have a schematic? I cant find one for this type of 5 way switch for duncans.

summed up

5 way ibanez prestige switch to duncan H-H, 1 vol, 1 tone, coil tap schematic?

I can take pictures if anyone would like to help, thanks for reading.

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Nov 2, 2012
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A picture of the switch is needed.

The original switch that comes with Prestige Ibanez HH guitars is configured in a specific way. It easily allows for the following wiring without the need for a larger more versatile switch...

Neck (series)
Neck (parallel)
Neck & Bridge
Neck & Bridge (split)

Trying to wire them any different to the above is quite awkward and in most cases not possible.

The previous owner could have changed the switch. A photo of it will tell us if it's the stock Ibanez switch or not.
If it is the stock Ibanez switch then the above wiring is pretty much the only way you can wire it if you want all five positions to work.
If the above wiring doesn't float your boat and you need coil splitting in position 2 & 4, like inside coils / outside coils etc then a super switch is needed.

A super switch looks like this. It has way more terminals which can allow for pretty much any kind of configuration.

Here is a wiring diagram for a super switch which may be what you are looking for.

The pickups in the diagram are DiMarzio which have a different color scheme so use this to convert the colors to Seymour Duncans scheme.

Here are more wiring diagrams in case the one I listed wasn't what you were looking for. These are all for Dimarzio but you can easily change the colors to the correct ones for you.
Wiring Diagrams | DiMarzio


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Mar 18, 2012
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Austin, TX
If it ends up being the stock switch, use this wiring diagram...

...and figure out which Dimarzio colors correspond to which SD colors with this chart: Guitar & Bass 4-Wire Humbucker Color Code Diagrams

I love the Ibanez 5 way switches :yesway: positions 2 and 4 are pretty much magic. I actually had one go bad in my 7620 and tried another 5 way and a 3 way, but ended up missing the pickup configurations from the stock switch so much that I recently picked one up used from a guy's project :lol:

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