Seymour Duncan SLUG questions


Silence you bastard
Mar 30, 2012
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I'm thinking of getting one of these for the bridge of an all-mahogany Carvin TL70 and I have a couple questions.

1. What would you put in the neck? I was thinking a Sentient or a Black Winter but I don't know. Any other suggestions? I want to bring some serious doom with this guitar but I still want it to be somewhat versatile. I know you can get a neck SLUG made but I'm worried I would lose any versatility with two SLUGs.

2. Does anyone know if the SLUG will fit into the newer style Carvin passive routes (the ones for the D26 pickups with a single mounting screw on each side, not the ones for the C26's with two screws on the left). I ask this because I have heard that the SLUG is slightly bigger that other Seymour Duncan pickups.


Mike Regular
May 18, 2013
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Could be the perfect chance to try a pegasus in the neck. The output will probably be pretty close to matching. The pegasus is an extremely clear, versatile, dynamic bridge pickup. Add neck tone qualities to that and you could have a pretty cool sounding, unique neck pickup.

Edit: Also it's Murphy's Law with pickups. You can almost be assured that you're going to have to snip off or bend some tabs and/or shave/route a little bit more cavity to get them in right. I had D26's in my DC727. I replaced them with a nazgul/sentient passive sized covered set. I had to do a fair amount of finagling to get them in. I don't know about the Slug being bigger than normal or not, but maybe you could ask seymour duncan about the open coil 7 string versions measurements and just compare that to the d26's to get an idea of what it'll take to get it in.

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