Song Of The Month September 2009 - Bulb's "Breeze"

Discussion in 'Artist Reviews & Interviews' started by DDDorian, Oct 1, 2009.

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    <strong> Song Of The Month: September 2009 - Bulb's "Breeze""</strong>
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    <b> Bulb - "Breeze"
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    Listen: (SoundClick - Myspace)</b>

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    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;"> Name/age/location: </span>

    Misha Mansoor/24/Washington D.C.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Who are your biggest musical influences?</span>

    I love Meshuggah and Sikth but at the moment I have been listening to a lot of Telefon Tel Aviv, Jaga Jazzist, Hiromi, Accelerated Evolution era Devin Townsend, Allan Holdsworth and On The Virg.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;"> For those who haven't yet heard your song, describe "Breeze" in seven words or less:</span>

    Simple and catchy melodic rock by Bulb.

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">What was the writing process like for "Breeze"?</span>

    I had just been jamming on the first main riff for a bit, and that led to the second riff, but I sat on those for a while before tracking; when I tracked those the rest sorta just fell into place and before I knew it the song was done! I wish writing every song would be as straightforward and unstressful as that!

    <img style="padding:20px;" align="right" src="" alt="Friend For A Foe"/><span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Is this going to be a solo Bulb track or do you have a specific project in mind?</span>

    I actually think this might end up as a Periphery track as a weird experiment, but we will see!!

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Did the song turn out as you'd envisioned it?</span>

    Yeah, surprisingly it pretty much did, because that very rarely happens, for better or for worse!

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">What gear was used for the recording of "Breeze"?</span>

    For guitars I used my Blackmachine B6 and Axefx Ultra
    For bass I used my Schecter Stiletto and Podx3
    All recorded direct to a Presonus Firepod in Nuendo.
    Drums are Superior 2.0

    <span style="color:eek:range;font-weight:bold;">Where should people go if they want to contact you or hear more of your music?</span>

    You can hear and download over 100 songs for free over at my SoundClick page and my Myspace is a good way to contact me as well as hear whatever new stuff I'm posting up and that's here!

    If you'd like to have your say in choosing next month's Song Of The Month, click here and nominate and/or vote for the member's song of your choice. Be sure to follow all rules/guidelines (found here) to ensure a smooth and hassle-free voting period. Rock on!:metal:
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    Good song and interview, but I thought you mixed it up with FFaF at the end :D Then I looked again and realised I was wrong and you were right, and that you have awesome hair that looks like it came from a shampoo commercial. DDDorian, you're the best.
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    the solo on this track blows me away...

    Excellent work. :)
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    This song is very nice

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