Sensible Progression/Curriculum for guitar mastery?

Discussion in 'Music Theory, Lessons & Techniques' started by Max_H, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Hi there folks, first time poster here and i sincerely hope that this question hasn't been asked to death. This isn't so much a question regarding musical theory resources or "What should I practice?", but rather more of a periodization question much like a progression for weight lifting.

    So some background: I've been playing off and on for 7 years and just recently got back into it in a big way. I have basic knowledge of the scale patterns and the common chord shapes but I want to fully master the instrument from fretboard mastery to musical theory mastery and how it applies to the guitar.

    There are countless youtube videos and online resources with drills and exercises to do that all the information is sort of overwhelming. I'm looking for a sort of curriculum that I could follow on a daily basis to work on finger technique, scales, chords, ear training, sheet music sight reading, songwriting, and general music theory. I completely understand that it will take my whole life (or more, practicing in valhalla anyone? :shred: ) to fully master all of the points i've brought up. What I've been trying to do is set up my own program outlining work for each of the categories but find myself overwhelmed with where to start.

    Any links to a program I could follow would be greatly appreciated. Like an online school with homework and drills to complete, something of that sort. I hope I'm not being to vague and that I've portrayed my request in a reasonable manner.

    inb4 just start doing it <- seriously not helpful hahaha

    p.s. i have steve vai's 30 hour guitar workout but the fact that i work 12 hours a day makes that sort of impossible to follow in the manner he set up.

    Thanks ahead for any help as I've found myself plateauing with my progress.

    Rock on guys
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    Do you aim to be musically creative or just to understand other people's music? If you want to be creative then tell us what you think your shortcomings are and we can advise you on ways to round that out. If you want to just understand certain music by others, what music do you want to learn about?

    How longterm a plan are you looking to form? There's so much you can work on in so many different ways that I doubt anyone really wants to lay out too long a plan in much detail, especially as we don't know how you work, mentally, and what methods you will enjoy.

    Write some music, let us know how you get on with it creatively and in terms of ability to play what you envisage. We'll be able to advise you from your feedback on how that goes.
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    I went out and bought this:

    The main turn off for people like myself is that you've got to read music to get anywhere with it. Still, it looks like a great way to break out of the rock/metal box and it lays out a clear path.

    Since then I've shifted to playing bass and now I'm writing tunes for a project - when I get back to guitar I'll have a go at that book.

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