Selfie Breakout box for RME HDSP AIO??


Dec 2, 2010
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Berkeley, CA
So, I have a RME HDSP AIO:
Its a great card, but unfortunately RME doesn't make a breakout box for it. I have the balanced breakout cable, but its kind of a pain in the ass reaching behind my 40000 pound rig every time I hook up. Since RME doesn't make a box, I figured I could just use any ol XLR passthrough (my knowledge is still minimal on this subject, so please, correct me!) as long as it could hook up to my card when its all said and done.

Here is my question:

Say I have a breakout box like this
Switchcraft PT8FX8MXDB25 |

with a 25 pin connection on the end. If I were run a DB9 cable from my RME CARD similar to this: 2m Black Straight Through DB9 RS232 Serial Cable - DB9 RS232 Serial Extension Cable - Male to Female Cable: Electronics

with an adapter such as...this: DB9 to DB25 Serial Adapter - M/F (AT925MF): Electronics

and a solid connection was formed, would this work? Would there be a loss in audio fidelity due to the wacky pin configuration from the amount of conversions? Or will the signal stay the same? As far as I know, breakout boxes like the one listed above should work with any 25 pin card, correct?

I would love to hear some expertise on this!

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Jun 18, 2007
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Plymouth, Devon, UK
I would think that as long as the components are of high quality and the signal going through them is hot then there shouldn't be a problem. The only issue I could envisage would be if you sent a mic level signal through without it first going through a preamp but even then I don't think it should be that big a deal.

But the nine pin I'd digital in the aio, the analog outputs are in the 15 pin, then you would have to make sure you knew which pin corresponds to each xlr on the breakout box. Some are inputs etc some are midi etc.

I would personally run the xlrs out to a patch bay, but even that is over kill seeing add you only have 2 in and 2 out!!! I actually would just run the cables and have them taped to the desk our something lol!