Seems I have frequent trouble with my nuts...

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    I have owned a couple fixed-bridge Carvins for many years now, and keep finding myself having difficulties getting a perfect setup without fretbuzz. After a lot of double checking my work and tons of patience, I've come to realize that my nuts are wearing down. My strings are sitting slightly below the summit of the nut, especially the treble strings. I feel it is strange that is happening because I don't do a lot of string-bending, but I suppose my frequent re-tuning and de-tuning is the culprit.

    I am going to order a couple replacements soon, (both have been TUSQ in the past, any reason I shouldn't keep buying them?" and am wondering if you guys feel any nut lubricants would help with this issue? I had previously been advised to use Stewmac Guitar Grease when my Wilkinson-equipped Carvin (no locking nut obviously) kept going out of tune, but never thought I'd need it for my fixed bridge guitars. How do you guys feel? Do I just need to change out the nuts on a regular basis, or can lubrication help?
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    If you have problems with your nuts, wear larger pants :lol:

    Jokes aside, from what I know TUSQ should be self lubricant.
    The only non locking nut I have is the one of my Schecter Demon which is Graph Tech XL Black Tusq, I have the guitar from 6 years and a half and never had any problem, except the first time I changed strings it fell off as it was glued badly.
    But no wear whatsoever.
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    If your having issues with premature wear on your nut... might be an idea to switch to a harder material. yes TUSQ is a self lubricating material but it does seem rather soft to me compared to say bone. Maybe order a bone nut blank from stewmac and give it a try in one of your guitars... see how she holds up. a properly cut bone nut shouldn't bind and cause tuning issues. I'm assuming you have all of the correct tools to do a nut job... if not, take it to a tech... the gauged files alone are more than the cost to have it done in most cases....

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