Seacow Cabs (free speaker cabinet IR's)

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    Ok let's get the obligatory I'm not being paid to post this statement out of the way. I am not receiving anything from the owner at all for any of the words I am about to say.

    I don't know if any of you guys know about these IR's yet because I haven't really heard anyone talk about them here. I found out about them on a Line 6 Helix Facebook group when Brian (the guy who makes the IR's) posted asking if anyone would be interested in doing demos of his IR's. I agreed and here we are.

    He gives them away for free and they sound (in my opinion) really good. and for anyone using amp modelers like I do you know that good sounding IR's a lot of the time are not cheap, let alone free. So I wanted to share the wealth and help Brian (who is a really nice guy too) get the word out. I'll post a few of the video's I've done demoing his IR's below.

    but go to his website and check them out for yourself:

    Here are the Video Demos I did


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