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Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by kerekem, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am new to the forum, and after reading it for almost 6 months it's quite obvious for me to ask YOU for some suggestions-all You guys in the 7community seemed really helpful, so please help me out.

    I am not really a great player yet, but to the music I play and listen to and to suite my overall mood and soul condition, downtuned 7's are the right choice, and after some short transition period and mocking 'round with entry level 7strings I decided to buy a Schecter Omen Diamond Series 7 (which is still entry level)to turn into my 'dream' axe, but... here are the problems.

    -I am definitely not going to spend more than 300Ł on the project. I already got a Sterling JP50, a PRS ce24, and a Jack and Danny yc780.
    -I am not going to buy an Ibanez-I don't like 6/7in lines headstocks.
    -I can't stand T.O,M. bridges! I find them the biggest mistake in guitar engineering...
    -I don't like the bulky neck joint square.
    -I find rounded body edges more comfortable.
    -I prefer 3 way toggles.
    -Going only for bolt-ons, and really like the neutral sound of basswood(you may find it weird...)

    So I decided buying a guitar and do some woodwork.

    First of all I am going to strip down the painting.
    Will remove the TOM studs, fill the holes properly, remove the string trough ferrules, because they will be in the wrong place for the new bridge.
    On the Omen, behind the bridge humbucker the body is quite flat, so after some shimming I would be able to put on a strat-like vintagy bridge with individually adjustable and first and foremost COMFORTABLE hardtail bridge.
    Drill new holes for the string trough body stringing.
    The steep (for tom bridge compatible)neck angle wont suit the new bridge, but the big amount of wood by the neckheel will allow me to shim down 1-2 mm from the far side of the neck, so it will be 'right angled' !
    I will round down Carvin like the edges, and remove some wood from the neck joint-like on the Jim Root tele.
    The body will have some waxing and kinda PRS mahagony natural finish and satin lacquer-finish is the easiest part,'cause it will do a pro car finisher.

    I've got all the necessary tools, I got the time for it and a luthier will hold my hand.
    All that I have listed is not as difficult as it seems. It's just woodwork:)

    Do You guys think, that the project is reasonable and manageble?
    I would appreciate any suggestions and advices-that's why I am here:hbang:

    Hopefully it will turn out great...
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    May 21, 2010
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    It all seems doable. Only thing Im not so sure about is the space for the tele style bridge.

    If you end up doing it, post pics!

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