Recommend me an amp for metal.

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by SexHaver420, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Some people swear by Recto with EL34's but I tried it with JJ's EL34L's and wasnt feeling it. Thought it made it a little greasier and more 80's. I like 6L6/6550 in combination in my Tremoverb.
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    Definitely a vote for the Deliverance 120. Loud as all hell and one of the best amps for the money. KT88 monster. With a front loaded cab, it brings out your guitar's natural voice really well, takes to boosts like a champ, and is rugged as all hell. Does death and black metal exceptionally. How about blacked death metal? Perfection.

    I'll also vote Mesa Dual or Triple Rec biased for KT88s or KT77s. The KT88s make them sound like a bomb went off when you chug, and the KT77s have a really mean snarl. Both are very clear with the Mesa preamp tubes. These and the Deliverance are the cheaper options.

    If you have a little more capital and can find a deal, the Driftwood Purple Nightmare is amazing. I have the little brother with KT88s, and it's absolutely nasty as all hell.

    Splawn and a Bogner Twin Jet are great options too. Depends entirely on the amp voicing you want, but I'm trying to steer choices away from 5150/5153/6505 sounds.

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