Recommend a Passive Fanned 8 String Bridge Pickup

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by Masoo2, Jul 3, 2020.

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    Curious to hear what you guys say.

    Since having ordered the new Squier Offset Tele to fulfill the gap my Jazzmaster left after I sold it off, I'm now wanting to hone in on the 8 string sound I've always wanted.

    It's a 26.5-28 inch fanned Legator 8 string, swamp ash body, maple neck with two walnut stripes, supposedly a purple heart fretboard that's just really dark. Got it maybe two years back on Guitar Center's used website for a good price and don't have any complaints with it, just want to upgrade the bridge pickup.

    Looking for that sort of compressed/"brickwalled"/pushed deathcore and beatdown sound if that makes sense, but I plan on tuning the low string to D and lower so I'm not looking for something overly bassy that would render the low string useless. Think Yuth Forever, Humanity's Last Breath, Black Tongue, Extortionist, Slaughter to Prevail, older Traitors, Thornhill, A Wake in Providence, Depths, Aviana, Filth, Enterprise Earth, or really any band produced by Buster Odeholm or Jesse Kirkbride.

    My complaints with the current bridge pickup are that it's rather loose once you get below A or so, not to mention fairly bassy and doesn't have any sort of high end to it. I don't always mind the loose sound (sometimes like sludgy), but in this case I'd like the bridge pickup to lean on the tighter side so I run into less trouble overall with the low string.

    I think I remember hearing that Guitarmory sells angled pickups and already has the data on hand for my specific guitar's pickup route, but I'm not too well versed in their pickups other than hearing Patrick of FFAA rave about them when talking to him before a concert.

    Exclusively use plugins so I've tried to use pre-eq to shape the tone as best as I can but that still doesn't give satisfactory results for that low string.

    Any opinions?
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    Sep 5, 2019
    Tight, pronounced high end, compressed? Sounds like Kiesel lithiums fits perfectly

    I'm selling some fanned 8 lithiums for cheap (no shill, its actually exactly what they are), hit me up if you're interested

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