Recommand a sport for a fellow (nerd) guitarist

Discussion in 'Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food' started by Exchanger, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Ok so just for discussion:

    “Low risk of injury” tends to remove competitive sports. I mean even weightlifting can hurt you if your form is poor, but competitive but something like football or BJJ is going to be even higher.

    On the flip side most people “mentally stimulating” means competitive. Cycling, running, swimming are all great but aren’t really that stimulating unless you’re the type that really loves hunting for that small % increase in performance “Yes I cut my best time by 8 seconds!”

    There aren’t that many sport out there so maybe something with modified rules? Flag Football could be fun, or a kickball league versus soccer, Ultimate Frisbee/Disc Golf. (Can’t remember if these have been discussed)
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    Late to this thread but I started cycling about 15 years ago. It’s really great for your mind and body. You can also easily burn up 800 calories in an hour. Right now I am inside for the winter (sigh) but I pop my bike on the trainer and throw on some Netflix.
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    To be more accurate : low risk of injury that are detrimental to playing (fingers, hands, arms...). If your leg is in a cast, it sucks but you can probably still play and at least you don't have to re-educate your fingers afterwards. But on principle you're right, sports that are "fun" tend to be more risky, which is why I had initially set aside martial arts. Although according to @KnightBrolaire, boxing gloves keep it reasonably safe so why not ?
    (also, no handball, my cousins play it in clubs and there's always one of them with a splint of some sort)

    Yeah I'll check if the club near my house still is active in winter and if they're ok with total noobs. But It hink they're only outdoors so low chance of that.

    As I said before it's something I tried and I could never keep up the motivation. Also the weather and low amount of daylight in winter make it even less practical. And it's not just the erratic rainfalls but simply the wind can be pretty high, and when you're furiously pedaling to maintain 12 kph (~8mph) that's just furstrating. Indoor bike + Netflix is a nice idea though.
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    Haha, yes endurance sports are not fun, that's for sure. That's not why you would do them, unless you plan on competing. If you want to do something for fun only, definitely stay away from endurance sports :D

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