Rackmount Amp Cooling


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Feb 22, 2015
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San Diego, CA
Hi guys. First post!

I'm currently in the middle of picking out the parts for my first rackmount amp setup for live use.

I'm currently looking into getting a Laney IRT Studio
and possibly a Carvin TS100 to use as the power amp (open to suggestions in regards to good poweramps to pair with the Laney btw)
been a tube amp player all my life but I'm open to the idea of SS poweramps

I've read that Laney recommends to leave a 1U space above and below
the IRT Studio due to its heat production which concerns me cause ideally I would like to use a 6U rack. so....

1U power conditioner
2U IRT Studio
2U TS100

So i have a couple questions:

1) If I'm using the IRT Studio just for its preamp section into a poweramp
do the power tubes in the IRT Studio still heat up?


2) In order to save space, would you guys recomment buying a 1U
rackmount fan possibly in between the IRT Studio and the Carvin TS100
instead of the recommended 1U space above and below the IRT?