PSA: buzzing classical strings might have loose windings

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    I figured this out a few weeks ago. If a string on a classical guitar seems to be buzzing by itself and not against anything in particular, the string itself might need to be twisted tighter before stringing.

    I have the Ibanez G208, the 8-string classical. I don't tune it to the 'classical' way of tuning - I tune it like my electric with a low B and E string. I use the Savarez extended strings. I've had the same set of strings for a few years before changing them a few weeks ago. The lowest string would always buzz, and I thought changing the low 'F' Savarez string to an 'E' would give it the proper tension and not buzz.

    I was wrong. I tested it, and it wasn't buzzing against the bridge, the fretboard, or the nut. The buzz was within the string itself. I couldn't find an answer until I stumbled across something.

    So I took it off the tuner, and twisted the string in the same direction as the windings. I kept twisting until I couldn't anymore for fear of it slipping from my grasp. Then I strung it back up on the tuner.

    Lo and behold, there's not a buzz from the string to be heard. Only when I smack it too hard. I figured I'd share my discovery just in case anyone else experiences it. Especially with this community. The big classical strings seem to need that extra bit of winding.

    So here's an example with the two lowest strings tuned to A and C#, using the intro riff to Periphery's "Hell Below" as an example:
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    Thanks for the tip, I use the same strings, haven't had a problem on my current set but will remember that

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