FS PRS Archon 100 Head for Trade / Sale $1200 + Shipping

Discussion in 'Gear For Sale / Trade/ Wanted' started by Fistertain, Sep 13, 2019.

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    I have a PRS Archon head I'm looking to trade + cash for a Mesa Mark V, JP2C or possibly a Mark IV if it's a particularly good sample.

    It is good shape outside of a very small tear in the tolex on the top of the head, can’t really see it unless you are closely inspecting the amp. It lived most of it’s life in a road case so it was well protected. Comes with footswitch. It has EL34 power tubes in it and is biased accordingly.

    Has jj 12ax7’s in v1,2,3
    Tung Sol in v4
    And a “pulled” no-label (mullard?) in v5

    Located in the Southern California area

    Accessories: Fooptswitch

    It really is a great sounding metal amp with a great clean channel. I’d describe it as a mix between a Rectifier and a Uberschall with thick mids that cuts through real nicely live and recorded. It just lacks a little for those dirty in-between tones. It’s either beautiful clean, or balls-to-the-wall hard rock/metal.

    I got rid of my Mesa Mark V a couple years ago and deeply regretted it since. Looking to right my wrong and get the amp that jives with me the most haha. Let me know if you happen to have one you don't get along with and are looking for an Archon!

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