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Project looking for members- Colorado (Denver/Colorado Springs) - Possibly remote vocals

Awaiting Oblivion

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Jan 22, 2022
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Colorado Springs
I’m trying to get a project started locally in the Denver/COS area (located in North Colorado Springs) but it’s seeming pretty hard to find committed players.

Death/Djent inspired project which is currently just me (had a bass player but that fell through). More focused on speed and rhythms but typically I’m not using many odd time in these so far.

If local I’d be looking for all positions but if this turns out to be a remote project I would just be looking for a vocalist that has the ability to self record (well). So if it’s your style, hit me up. If you just want to tell me it sucks, feel free to do so also.

If you’re interested, send me a message or email and include recent (within past 2 years) demos in the first message so we don’t have to do a bunch of back and forth to start out.

Audio demos of unmixed songs are here: SoundCloud.com/Awaitingoblivion

Bass and guitar recorded by me for demos and drums are all programmed by me as well. Current demos are on a 7 string guitar/5string bass tuned to drop A.

I also have YT play through videos available for local bass players to see how the songs are played which I’m happy to share or can be easily found by searching Awaiting Oblivion. If you’re a remote bass player that can add some cool dynamics (I’m obviously not a bass player) feel free to reach out.

I’ll update this post if any positions are filled or if this becomes 100% remote. Happy to talk about the idea, what the goal is, etc.

Socials, licensing, and streaming profiles already secured and will be working on a professional logo and images soon.