Possibly Having 8 String Built

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    Recently I had my Ibanez Xiphos set up from a guy down the street from my house and it turns out he also builds his own guitars. I asked him if he could maybe build an 8 string for me and he said he could. So I want some advice on what wood, hardware, etc. I haven't had much experience with to many guitars yet so I'm not sure what would be the best type of bridge, tuners and other hardware. My budget is around $1200 dollars. The tone I am looking for must have lots of mids. I want it to sound beefy. Also, what do you guys think would be a good pickup set for an 8 string? I was thinking Dimarzio Ionizers or Bare Knuckles but I'm not sure what set. I want the guitar to have a 27" scale. I think I want a Bubinga neck because of it's sturdiness but I also heard it sounds chuncky. What would be a good body wood to go along with this? Also, what style body should I get? I am very new to this. Give all the advice you can give. :lol:

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