Orange PPC 412 vs Mesa Oversized 412 vs Bogner Uberkab 412

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by andwhatnot, Mar 18, 2012.

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    OK, I have all of those cabs in the jam space.

    Uberkab: cuts amazing, tons of low end, yet tight
    PPC HP8: cuts well, very tight (slightly quieter than Uber)
    PPC v30: tighter than mesa/more directional
    mesa v30: huge sounding, can get a little boomy under low tunings, heaviest of all

    if money is no issue than uber>orange>mesa. if money is an issue, than the other way round.

    I run the Uber/HP8 full-stack and love the shit out of that combo.

    Uber/Orange don't have wheels, hence better connection to the floor and resonance/bass response. If gigging lots, just add wheels to the side of the cab.
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    For downtuned stuff I'd avoid the oversized mesa cab, and go with the standard (stilletto) which is what I did as I didn't want anything getting muddy. Oversized is awesome if you are playing in standard tuning, or say a step lower, after that the "extra" bass becomes a bit of a nemesis in a 2 guitar band. You may be able to get away with it in a single guitar band though.

    I also had a PPC412 stack, and that was glorious. Basically the orange cabs have such an awesome midrange I kind of prefer them a little to the mesas if I am honest.

    No opinions on the ubercab, never played one.
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    Feb 24, 2012
    Im gonna reccomend something ported with EVM12Ls.

    Ive been using my thiele 112 with the EV and its soo clear and massive sounding. Handles 7 strings and down tuning no problem, and I can turn the pre gain on my peavey 6534+ up to 7-9 range and still have useable gain and clarity. Oh and it sounds ****ing huge too! :D

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