opinions on the Evertune bridge

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    I’m sorry but this is simply not true. It absolutely does affect intonation because it pulls the string at a constant tension. It’s a vast improvement on a standard bridge. For anyone playing live or recording these things are a godsend
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    I think I get it now.

    The ET compensates for the variation in tension introduced by the player pressing on the string when fretting. Both gentle players and ham-fisters will both experience the same note when fretting.

    I think I was confusing temperament with intonation.

    if i understand correctly now:
    -intonation is how precisely each note you play matches the desired frequency within your chosen temperament (12 tone, true, whatever)

    - Temperament actually changes those frequencies to adjust/change/compensate harmony between notes for certain keys
    - 12 tone is the compromise we as musicians have chosen.

    -fret and saddle positions determine how well the instrument itself is intonated, given the ideal player. The ideal player is one who presses juussst hard enough to fret the note but, not any further which causes a change in tension and thus a change in pitch.

    -One of the benefits of ET is it compensates for the human error in fretting pressure

    Anything i missed or i am misunderstanding? @MaxOfMetal

    I want to make sure i actually understand this fully.
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