Offering free non-professional mixing /drum programming for emerging artists

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    Hi there, I’m a hobbyist musician with a passion for home recording and a small, amateur home studio. To gain experience, I’d be glad to offer free mixing /drum programming services, of course by online communication since I’m based in Italy.

    Given my free-of-charge proposal, I’d mainly cater to beginner or emerging artists needing small jobs done such as pre-productions and demos. If you even need just an additional point of view on the sonic quality of an already produced work, feel free to hit me up. I’m a non-professional self-taught and I’m writing this honestly and without any pretentiousness, I’d just be happy to help.

    My availability and deadlines are to be arranged after my valuation on your request, including sent material and discussion of your goals. Also since this is not my full-time job and again I’m not charging.
    PM me if you’re interested and I’ll provide my email contact. Thanks.

    I don’t have an actual portfolio yet, but you can hear my very first attempt at a complete production here:

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