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    Hello SevenString,

    If this belongs somehwhere else, please feel free to move.

    There may be a OAF / OXC thread?

    Off the bat I am a 6 string player, (over 40 years), and have found my way to Tom D and his guitars.

    Have become a huge fan of headless electrics.

    Have a Kiesel Holdsworth HH2, and now after seeing, playing and hearing Tom D's guitars, the Kiesel is being sold.

    Kiesel will not make a bolt on neck version of this "fusion" guitar, low profile C shaped, 43 mm neck, and no ABM hardware, so I am out.

    Met Tom a few months back and have seen his guitars on the web and was immediately drawn to them that they are headless, bolt on necks and fanned frets.

    He is working on a 6 string for me, with ABM hardware, 43 mm low profile neck, fanned frets.

    - walnut body, chambered
    - maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 20"
    - .103 x .048 med jumbo stainless steel frets (the one thing the Kiesel got right)
    - fanned frets
    - 650 mm scale length, although could be 640 mm (popular in the nylon classical world)
    - 1 neck humbucker, Seymour Duncan Jazz
    - 1 volume, 1 tone

    jazz, fusion axe, legato lines, and metheny type stuff, etc, but also finger style chord stuff (holdsworth)

    I have to decide on a body style, and I have one of Tom's early "falcon", but it is a very early design, not like OXC.

    I like the OXC design much better. I also like the sort of "stepped" curved access on the upper and lower neck heel.

    Could use any input / feedback on these guitars, designs, perhaps modifications to the design.

    What are the dimensions of an OXC?, the body looks small / compact, which I like.

    The original falcon, from my measurements is @ 16" x 14", that is basically same as a Tele. The Kiesel, also a Tele derived shape, is 12.75" x 11", very compact. I actually like it a lot, the body size that is.

    I see someone "Kuma", has done some nice Photoshop renderings of the OXC, and I like them, especially the one that has nice curved radii. If you can point me in the right direction, greatly appreciated. thx, John
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    Jun 25, 2014
    I have an oxc 7 string model. It's small and very conferatable in every position. I'm going to build a 6 string with tom here soon as well. I'm 100% going with the oxc body again!!!!
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    Sep 12, 2011
    They're small but substantially bigger than the Holdsworth. I traded mine years ago otherwise I'd measure. Does Tom even make this shape anymore? I thought XENs were made by Rusti or Fast now.
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    Tom is a GREAT guy, so talk with him about all of this stuff. He’s super honest, and will not steer you wrong. I’ve got 5 of his builds (some used, some new) and one more on the way. I had another one that I sold previously, as well. His current quality is unbelievable. Really, really good. I’m not sure what to tell you about body styles and such, but talk with him. And has been mentioned, he moved some body styles over the Kevin Fast, of Fast Guitars. I have a Fast build as well, and he builds really high quality, high spec stuff too.
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