NYC/north Bronx/westChester Metal Lead guitarist looking for members

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    May 23, 2019
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    I am a lead guitarist from NYC who is based in the 80’s school of thrash, speed, progressive, and death/black metal. Favorite influences are Pantera, megadeth, and I admire SOAD, Tool, Deftones, and I am starting to appreciate the newer “Nu”Metal, starting with slipknot and moving towards Periphery now.

    I am a shredder, but I also am big into this downtuned metal. I use an Axe Fx III and an 8 string tuned to E (AAL, Meshuggah, etc), and I am looking for talented, capable players. If you can play stuff like Dream Theater or AAL or stuff like that, please hit me up.

    I am looking for a drummer, a bassist, and another guitarist. If anyone has any leads or you are interested in listening to some tracks/trying to work together please let me know. I included my latest track I’m working on at the moment, just a small clip I threw up to show you where my mind is at. Best region is if you are in Bronx, Yonkers, Mt Vernon, or somewhere in westChester but I have a full studio and house to work with. Studio is small, not big enough of a big drum kit, but there is a garage and a full rehearsal room where we can have up to 10 musicians with equipment so practice area is never a problem.

    Thanks for replying

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