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    The "P" in NPD, preamp or pedal? YES is the answer! I've had the BB for a bit and just got the BE OD and the Mooer 005 and the Rowin gate a little while back. The gate sucks a little volume, which I figured would be good with counter acting my active pickups. So I switched it out for now with my NS-2.

    The 005 I been going back and forth dialing in so far. Like my old 50w, I prefer the Blue channel. Like someone else said it doesn't react that great to a boost, but over all it prefers the MXR if I have to. Blue channel is very fat but with an edge to it. Red channel I have to turn the gain all the way down and there's still squeelies when I stop quick.

    The BE OD has lived up to the great videos I've seen. Doesn't seem scooped at all. I crank the presence and like I heard seems to add upper mids. I have EQ for days otherwise between the 1101 and G Major. It really likes the MXR CMBAO. I'm trying the Friedman BB after the MXR in the change to see if the tight and EQ controls work better that way. But stacking them both into a clean channel is pretty sweet. Or into my SL+ module with the gain turned down. The BB overdrive for me is best for clean boosting a real tube amp or pre. Thought it would kill off my MXR but not yet. i got a demo model so didn't spend too much.

    Speaking of which, the first thing I did was turn the trim pot down in the BE OD to 9am. But I still have the gain all the way down and its still a lot of gain. Think I'm gonna dial it back the rest of the way.

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    Sweet looking rig !


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