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    Apr 6, 2013
    Finally recieved my MXR Uni-Vibe pedal! Have been waiting over a month since I purchased on ebay, it and a mxr compressor both got stuck in random locationsin the US, still waiting on the compressor.... It's a pretty awesome sounding unit with a nice range of sounds, if you havn't seen anything on these I recommend people check them out, I'm not huge on modulation sounds myself but this pedal is very tasteful! Basically its a reissue of the original uni-verbs, so your getting a chorus type effect with switchable vibe in a small package.
    Had a bit of a quick mess around with its location in the chain, found I liked it more before the preamp when running with distortion. However when running it there I was suffering significant volume loss and a lot less gain from the amps distortion. Did a few cable swaps, and pedal removals, found the the Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah does not like running with the uni-vibe before the preamp. Tried the uni before and after the wah and still same results, volume loss, fudged tone and loss of gain. Without the wah in the chain before the preamp everything worked fine again.... Didnt get much more of an opportunity to mess around as I sold my amp tonight while I wait for the RD100H to arrive, hopefully end of this week, so will have a mess around with just the wah and the univibe in the signal chain and see what results I can get when the amp arrives. If the wah still plays tricks then I might sell it off and look for a Digitech whammy instead....
    Pedal board starting to grow! Waiting on compressor and need to get my hands on a decimator or noise gate.
    Amp just sold, so no more pedal play until the new beast arrives!
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